Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth

Missing Teeth

Multiple missing front teeth replaced with a 6-tooth bridge supported by implants.

Complex Cases

Failing upper and lower teeth because of advanced gum disease.

Fixed in place upper and lower replacement teeth supported by dental implants. This case was treated using an immediate placement and immediate loading technique allowing teeth to be fitted to the implants on the same day the implants were placed.

This case demonstrates multiple problems including decay, advanced tooth wear and missing teeth.

Treatment involved a number of different techniques including dental implants, crowns and tooth coloured fillings to address the worn teeth.

Implant Dentures

Dental implants can be used to stabilize upper or lower dentures. Most often lower dentures are often loose because the gum becomes very shrunken. The simplest way to make a loose lower denture fit tightly is to use two implants with a ‘press-stud’ type attachment. One half of the ‘press-stud’ fits in the implant and the other half fits in the denture. This provides patients with a very stable and secure denture.