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Our modern dental implant technique was discovered by Professor Branemark in the 1950s. Branemark was a Swedish scientist whose work was based on the principle of osseointegration, which means that human bone accepts titanium as a natural part of the body and led to the development of the Branemark System and the modern day implant.

Today, implants are noted worldwide for their excellent success rates and innovative accomplishments. Hundreds of thousands of patients have benefitted from the improvements in quality of life offered by dental implants.
Teeth replaced by implants are fixed just like natural teeth freeing you from the looseness associated with full dentures and the gum irritation and pain caused due to the shifting pressure of partial dentures, allowing you to eat whatever you like whilst enjoying the texture and crunchiness of foods to the full. In fact implants are so secure you can often forget they’re not your own and laugh and smile with complete confidence.

Patients with implants can not only have their smile and facial contours restored but also enjoy eating healthier foods such as fruit and more fibrous foods, dramatically improving their diet and general health – especially in older age. Scientific studies have shown that poor eating, as with dentures, can lead to increased chance of gastro-intestinal problems in later life and increased need for medication. Dental implants can help with digestion by allowing you to chew all types of food properly for a balanced diet. Meals at restaurants and social occasions are no longer off limits as you can eat with total confidence.
Dr. Nesbitt has been involved in implant dentistry for over 18 years and has placed and restored in excess of 1000 implants. He is a registered specialist in Oral Surgery and holds a Master’s degree in implant dentistry. He is also an examiner at the Royal College of Surgeon’s, assessing other dentists in their postgraduate training. Dr. Nesbitt is an accredited mentor and spends a significant amount of time teaching and training other dentists in implant dentistry techniques.

Dr. Nesbitt provides all aspects of dental implant treatment, from simple single tooth replacement to complex rehabilitations.

Click below for examples of cases treated at the practice. Dr Nesbitt has treated all of these cases at the practice in Shenstone and all of the laboratory work is by Mr Adrian Rollings.